We Selected the Best New York Cheesecakes for YOU!

The Point Pleasant Beach High School Class of 2027 is thrilled to present our Cheesecake Fundraiser, a delectable opportunity to support our class activities and events.

Treat yourself to a heavenly assortment of mouthwatering cheesecakes in various flavors, expertly crafted to satisfy your dessert cravings.

By participating, you not only get to enjoy a delightful treat but also contribute directly to the success of our class. Help us make lasting memories and ensure a memorable high school experience for the Class of 2027.

Order your cheesecake today and savor,the sweetness of supporting our future!

Highest Quality Ingredients

This is REAL Old School New York Cheesecake, using Old Fashioned Cream Cheese, more Eggs for richness, more Sugar for sweetness, more Heavy Cream for smoother blending.

It's not just a Recipe, but a Proprietary Process. Our Process makes a noticeable difference, producing a cheesecake which is smoother and creamier with better taste and texture!

All Cheesecakes are Made to Order Fresh with No Preservatives.

Locally sourced Farm Fresh Whole Milk, 40% Extra Heavy Cream; Free from antibiotics and artificial growth hormones (rBGH). All Eggs are Certified Cage and Antibiotic Free. All Natural & Nothing Else!

All Products are Kosher K כָּשֵׁר Dairy!


The fundraiser will run ONLINE ONLY from Monday, February 19th - Friday, March 17th with a distribution date of Wednesday, March 27th.

Cheesecake distribution and pick up WILL BE from 2:30-3:30pm on Wednesday, March 27th ONLY in the Point Pleasant Beach High School Gymnasium Lobby.

Donate to the Class of 2027

You can also show your Support for the Class of 2027 by Making a Direct Donation!

Contact: The New York Cheesecake Company